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Job profile for a Human Resources Coordinator

- Advising/supporting managers throughout processes for sickness and disciplinary hearings for AWOL cases. This includes long and short term sickness and absenteeism; monitoring sickness cases appropriately; ensuring sick pay is paid correctly and where appropriate, referring staff to occupational health. Ensuring that sickness review meetings take place for long term sickness where the situations, medical diagnosis and possible return to work are discussed. Ensuring short term sickness is monitored by managers and sickness review meetings take place when the sickness monitoring triggers are hit in order to discuss frequent sickness and ways forward of how to keep the sickness to a reasonable level in line with the Attendance Policy. - First point of call for advise regarding sickness and absenteeism cases, advising managers and maintaining casework to ensure cases are dealt with as swiftly and quickly as possible. Making sure where staff are AWOL, pay is stopped and investigations take place as soon as possible. Keeping averages as low as possible, ensuring that when the 100 day trigger for sickness and 60 day trigger for disciplinary/grievances is hit, action is taken. - Assisting the team with suspensions, disciplinary, grievance and capability cases as well as ensuring correct information and correspondence is sent out for restructures and TUPE’s in line with the timescales set; arranging case packs as and when necessary for panel members, employment tribunals and Case Management Discussions. Where tribunal cases were complicated, assisting the managers to offer an out of court settlement where all parties were benefitting from the withdrawal of the case. - Keeping up to date with employment legislation and ensuring the intranet content reflects employment law updates; making certain that changes in legislation and HR practices are communicated to the organisation via the weekly newsletter. Ensuring Data Protection is complied with at all times as well as confidentiality. - Ensuring targets are met and Key Performance Indicators for sickness, suspensions, disciplinary, grievances and occupational health targets are reported on, providing commentary for troughs and slumps, explaining why there are differences month on month with the figures. - Responsible for managing and monitoring the recruitment process. This included devising adverts, assisting interviews and assessment days, sending offer letters, interview letters, reference letters, responding to reference letters, sifting applications and CV’s, checking references, CRB’s and pre-employment health questionnaires and assisting with other correspondence such as new starter packs. - Also responsible for giving feedback to successful and non-successful interview candidates. Giving feedback to agencies about services, CV’s and candidates who were interviewed. Ensuring successful candidates are taken through the correct processes all the way through to the completion of probation; liaising with managers about new starters, ensuring that they are inducted fully into the job and provided with training as per the requirements of the job and goals of supervisions and probationary reviews. Also ensuring that exit interviews are completed with thorough evaluations of why staff were moving on, to see if practices could be improved. - Liable to ensure directors’ approval has been sought for all internally and externally advertised posts; ensuring the company specification is added to promote the services and achievements of the organisation. - Dealing with temporary, permanent, contract and agency staff as well as supervising volunteers. Liaising with recruitment agencies for both temporary and permanent contracts. Was responsible, alongside the HR Officer, to establish a PSL which included liaising with agencies and comparing tenders and conditions. Once the PSL was in place, we used the PSL as and when required but deviated when posts required more specialist applicants. Accountable for ensuring agency fee’s are negotiated and paid in line with the terms and conditions of each appointment. Advising agencies of each job in detail and detailing what type of candidate was sought so that the best matches for each job were sent through in anticipation for them to be interviewed. - Also responsible for contracts of employment, dealing with variations of contracts and new starter contracts, ensuring that details such as job title, salary and other pertinent information is accurate. - Assisting managers with redundancies, grievances, disciplinary meetings as well as departmental restructuring and general advice and guidance to staff and managers on a daily basis. Supporting managers with training administration, assessing training needs of staff as well as organising and coordinating training events. - Providing general assistance with payroll administration and dealing with queries which arise from payroll calculations, mainly due to sick pay and basic pay adjustments. - Also compiling reports as and when required and looking after ad-hoc projects such as employee handbook updates in line with changes in the legislation and ACAS codes of practices. - Accountable for re-launching the current staff benefits and ensuring occupational health services run smoothly. - Other duties included report writing, minute taking, and managing staff records on HR database and paper files. Undertook general administration duties such as filing, typing, answering the telephones and photocopying.

- Human Resources Coordinator Job Profile

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Human Resources Coordinator Salary Comparison

In 2008, the average salary for this job was £25,200.

The average salary in 2009 was £30,000, based on 2 respondents (a difference of 19% from the 2008 figure.

The average salary in 2011 was £20,667, based on 3 respondents (a difference of 0% from the 2010 figure.

The average salary in 2012 was £28,500, based on 2 respondents (a difference of 38% from the 2011 figure.

The median salary for a Human Resources Coordinator based on all salary survey responses is: £25,000

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About the Salary Survey Data in this survey is based on over 368,000 individual salary records. The date period for which job information was gathered varies, but is usually between 2008 - 2012. For precise date related information, custom reports may be ordered with greater granularity. Working 8 hours a day, 250 days of the year, the data suggests the hourly rate for Human Resources Coordinator is £12.79.

Assorted Human Resources Coordinator Salary Information


Human Resources Coordinator Salary By UK Region

These figures use non-job specific statistical weighting from our salary data pool and also include for comparison the salaries for a Human Resources Coordinator job in US Dollars based on a recent exchante rate (last rate update 02/05/2013 with a pound to dollar exchange rate 1.56) for comparisons for our international visitors
Salary US Dollars Region
£22503 $35104.68 North West
£27873 $43481.88 London
£20457 $31912.92 Yorkshire and North East
£22247 $34705.32 South West
£26339 $41088.84 South East
£21736 $33908.16 Scotland
£23014 $35901.84 Northern Ireland
£21480 $33508.8 Wales
£23782 $37099.92 Midlands
£21224 $33109.44 East of England

With regard to age and impact on salary for a Human Resources Coordinator, a statistical average weighting (that is based on how salary varies by age and not for a specific job which may vary considerably) suggests these figures: £19,179 for a worker in their 20s, £25,060 (30s), £29,663 (40s) and £29,663 (50s).
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The average salary figure above for a Human Resources Coordinator is considered highly likely to be representative of the UK market average due to the high number of respondents who had this exact job title.

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