Salary By Voting Preference

Does what people earn affect the way that they are likely to vote in the UK General Election of May 2010?

To find out the answer, we took a look at the average salary cut by party voting preference in our anonymous UK General Election of 2010 (the current results of which you can see at the bottom of this page).

The results below are the results of our survey question than ran from late March to the day before the general election, asking people how they would vote in addition to their salary.

The results show that there is an interesting range of salaries by party preference for the three main parties, for which there are enough results for the data to be reliable. Conservative voters have thehighest average salary, followed by Labour and then the Liberal Democrats voters. There is not a particularly huge difference between any of them however.

Generally visitors have a higher salary than the national average as many are professional office based workers who regularly use the site to benchmark their salaries for their given job title.

Average salary for a Conservatives voter: £35,810.97

Average salary for a Labour voter: £32,538.32

Liberal Democrats
Average salary for a Liberal Democrats voter: £30,964.79

Average salary for a Other voter: £29,813.02

Average salary for a UKIP voter: £32,053.10

Average salary for a SNP voter: £28,266.16

Plaid Cymru
Average salary for a Plaid Cymru voter: £33,823.53

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Conservatives 8147 votes (41.15%):

Labour 4927 votes (24.89%):
Liberal Democrats 4624 votes (23.36%):
Other 1265 votes (6.39%):
UKIP 404 votes (2.04%):
SNP 285 votes (1.44%):
Plaid Cymru 145 votes (0.73%):

Since: 28th March.
Last update: 06 May 2010
Total polled: 19,797.
Salary by Party Preference
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