CV Writing Advice

To increase your salary, you may need a new job. Which means interviews, and getting interviews.

Often the first step to a greater salary, is a better CV. Here are some key steps to follow. It's not rocket science, but the simple tips are the most effective:

Update, update, update

First and foremost, ensure that your CV is up to date and in good order. This means that you should place your most recent job at the top - presumably you are climbing the career ladder, so this will push your most impressive achievements to the top of your CV.

Summary up the top

At the top of the CV, place a bold summary of your skills, for instance "Prince 2 qualified project manager with ten years experience of delivering multi-million pound projects"

It sets the scene, and will immediately whet the appetite of your future employer if done right. business man

Concise is best

Do not ramble. Keep it to short bullet points. Never go over two pages. It's not an essay writing competition! Weed out the points that are weaker or no longer relevant. Also ensure that you talk about what you did, not "the team".

Tailor to the role

If you are going for a role that has a large amount of leadership in it, then re-word slightly your deliverables to emphasise the leadership elements. Or if the role is all about teamwork, highlight this element. It's common sense, but many people do not do it.

Do not lie

It may be tempting, but you will be found out sooner or later. By all means present yourself in a very positive light, but do not overstep the mark.

Now all you need to do is turn up, interview well, and think 'salary, salary, salary'!