Salary Data FAQs

Where does the data come from?

Salary data comes from over 150,000 salary responses collated from salary surveys from February 2008 onwards. A range of data reports from different time periods are available in different sections of the site and also compiled on a bespoke basis.

What information is available?

The results of over 150,000 pieces of job title and salary information.

Can I use your salary data?

If you wish to use any of the data on our site, you must first contact us with how you wish to use the data. All salary data is collected and owned by and any unauthorised use of our data is illegal. We regularly check where our data appears (in the media, websites) and actively follow-up where we see our data is used in an uncredited manner. We give permission to the vast majority of requests to use our data as long as a credit to the site is given, so please ensure you ask permission before quoting / using our data.

As small snippets of data are routinely used in national and local newspapers by journalists, if you wish to just quote one or two pieces of data from the site then you may do so without request as long as you cite as the source of the information in your article. However, we would very much appreciate it if you could still contact us when your article appears as it is useful for us to be aware of press references to our site.

What other data is available?

Individual results rather than averaged data, geographical data and number of respondents per job title are all available off site. If you are interested in data at a more granular level, please contact us about using the salary data.

Can I advertise on

Yes, typically banks, financial institutions, job and career related sites are ideal partners. Please contact us through the Advertising page if you are interested in advertising on the site. If your business does not fit into the above categories but you have a particular idea, partnership or still believe your business would be a good fit for the site then please do still contact us.

Is there any error checking on the data?

The complete list of responses was filtered to remove incorrect and spoilt data. Due to the sheer size of the list there are some misspelt jobs or similar jobs listed under a few different titles, e.g. PA and Personal Assistant. In terms of the validity of the data, information was averaged and any individual result that was more than 25% beyond the average was discarded. Where there were less than five pieces of data for an individual job title the data is presented as is, therefore there is a greater chance of these being misrepresentative. The above process has been applied to 2008 and 2009 quoted figures. On certain job pages live data, recent data, salary split by region information appears, this is displayed for interest only and has not been sanitised in the same way as the 2008 and 2009 quoted overall averages.

All data is provided on the site as is and no guarantee of its accuracy should be assumed or is made.

I am a member of the press, can I contact your respondents?

All data is collected anonymously. However we can provide more granularity with regard location, number of respondents, individual figures provided and so forth. Please contact us about using the salary data.