Best Financial Products

The best financial products are often down to your individual circumstances and what you are looking to do with your money, how much you have and how regularly you earn it.

The premise is simple: you work hard, and with food prices rising, house prices falling, the cost of living soaring in Britain and salaries not keeping track and your pension potentially decimated, you want to ensure that you get the most out of the money you have got. And different packages and products can make a huge difference in how wealthy, or not, you end up.

Therefore the best buy listings contain some ideas on potential accounts for you as food for thought to compare with your existing accounts and see if you can get better elsewhere.

The following pages will list some best buys in a range of categories based on specified criteria. However it may be that not all products are eligible depending on circumstances or that some will not be relevant to you or better products will exist - this is simply a selection of best buys for those who want to make sure that their salary works as hard for them as possible!

Best Buy Product Categories:

Please note: information currently being updated!