Personality Test

Simply answer the following four questions to find out the ideal job for you, selecting which of the below describes you best. Please pick one item from each row:


I like to initiate the conversation with others and to interact. I get bored if I spend a fair time alone I prefer receiving information and reflecting on it. I am happy thinking about my own thoughts and ideas
I prefer concrete, matter of fact information. I like facts and clarity, and am methodical I have an urge to acquire knowledge where possible, and like complexity of ideas
I am critical, logical, questioning and think in the format 'if A then B', and like to look at an argument step by step where possible I am fair minded, trusting and accepting of information. Logic and analysis is not my first reaction. I think 'if A then B, X, F, D and so on'
I am satisfied with getting the job done before schedule. I am driven to make decisions. I like to plan, and like lists, goals and action plans I am always open to new information and go with the flow. I'm not so keen on plans, and am fairly laid back. I'm not concerned with having a precise schedule for my work