Job Finding

Want more salary? Then you may need to find a new job. This can be daunting. To get that new salary is almost a full time job, but will be worth it in the end.

The best way to find a job is through a three point strategy:

  • Networking
  • Agencies
  • Online research

First off, network with old colleagues and friends - if not employers themselves, they may well know of somebody that would be interested in using your services, or put you in touch with some interesting contacts.

Second, have a quick chat with local agencies and see what they have on your books. They are crying out for decent people to recommend, as they only get their fee if they suitable match up someone to the role. Therefore this can be a very successful avenue to follow.

Third, place your CV on online recruitment sites, and by all means apply for any roles you find interesting. You can also get daily lists of jobs sent by email, this will act as a good benchmark for what a decent salary might be in your sector.

Remember, that job finding does take a time so do be patient and don't get desperate!

Common Job Search Mistakes

Job search The most common mistake is being too grateful for an offer, and simply taking whatever offer you get. Unless you have been looking for over three months with no joy, then this is not the best strategy.

It is much better to take your time and get an offer for a job you really like then just take the first one that comes along, unless of course it happens to be the one you really wanted for the pay you wanted, in which case that's great - go for it!

If you are struggling for money during your research then do consider some part time work to help ease the burden. Don't feel bad or ashamed about it at all - many, many people do this whilst in between jobs and it is no reflection on their worth or employability.

Here are some useful sites: