Average Salary

The average salary of respondents to the My Salary calculator, after 15,000 responses was:


If you would like to help us keep track of changes in salary levels over time, please do take a minute to fill out our Salary Benchmark form; this will just ask you for a few quick details, and we will use the data to help inform the data and help refine boundaries and gradings.

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National Average Salary

How does this figure compare with the national statistics? Well at the start of 2006, the average salary was estimated to be £22,248. So this data shows a close correlation with the average salary of respondents to our salary survey, with on average those visiting and entering their salary data at MySalary earning around £1,000 per annum than the national average.

However the costs associated with having a job are significant and estimates suggest that in real terms a worker earns under £20,000 a year - the reason for this disparity is composed of three main factors, which are:

  • food costs: £30 per week
  • Travel costs: £50 per month (much higher for lots of us!)
  • Work clothes: £35 per month