Interview Questions

Attending an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience. It's useful to gain some control over the situation by thinking about the sorts of questions that you might be asked in advance of the interview. This lets you prepare some good quality answers outside of the interview situation.

Whilst you should not over-rehearse, taking the time to think through what you might be asked, and how to answer it, can really enhance your interview performance. The contents of the blue box below will link you through to interview questions in each sector together with suggested answers in many cases. The pink box will link you through to general interview advice.

If you have attended an interview recently, you can also tell us about Your Interview Questions.

Interview Questions By Sector

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General Interview Guidance

Classic Interview Questions and Answers
Closing the Interview
Common Interview Mistakes
Types of Interview Questions
Salary Negotiation Tips
Tips on Answering Interview Questions
Post Interview Advice
Interview Technique
Competency Interviews

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