Human Resources Interview Questions

The question scope and detail will vary on the level of job and the sector, but the following is a guide to some Human Resources interview questions...

1 - What impact do you think HR can make in this company?

2 - Where does HR add value in your current business?

3 - Given your knowledge of our company which HR initiative would you take to deliver maximum value?

4 - As an HR professional how should you balance the needs of the employees with the needs of the company?

5 - Which HR initiative has delivered best value in your current company - and what was your part in it?

6 - Tell me about an HR initiative that failed and why you think it failed?

7 - If you were HRD at your current company what changes would you make?

8 - How does HR most disappoint other managers and employees?

9 - In what area do you think HR will make the greatest impact in the next 5 years?

10 - How would you explain to a non HR person the difference in the roles between an HR Manager and an HR Business Manager?

11 - How important is it to understand how the business works if you are in HR?

12 - As an HR person you know a lot about interviewing, how have you prepared for today?

13 - As an HR person you know a lot about interviewing, which technique or approach would you recommend to our Engineering Manager?

14 - As an HR person you know a lot about interviewing, so explain to me how conventional interviews differ from Competency based interviews and how these differ from the Talent based approach?

15 - What value does CIPD qualification and membership add to your employability?

16 - What is your view on the new CIPD structures introduced in 2010?

17 - Which piece of employment law do you think has most impacted on HR in the last 5 years.

18 - Tell me how employment law changes might affect this business in the next 5 years

19 - How do you keep up to date with your profession?

20 - Why did you choose HR as your career area?

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