Salary Negotiations

So, you want more salary?

One of the trickiest conversations to have with a boss is that where you ask for more money. Indeed, entire books have been written about this situation which for many remains no more than a hypothetical dream!

You can never make the salary request meeting easy, but this might help you get the outcome you want:

  • Book some 1 to 1 time with the boss at least a week in advance
  • On the day, make sure the boss is not stressed - if so, re-convene at a later date
  • Choose a calm time of day - often first thing in the morning
  • State your case clearly. Use information as your weapon - for instance evidence that you are being paid below the industry benchmark (show what competitors are offering for similar jobs)
  • When you request a raise, state a little higher than you want: this gives room for negotiation

Pay packet Stating the facts in this dispassionate way is most likely to come up trumps. If the boss is receptive - great.

If they offer you a small raise, well something is better than none.

If they offer no increase at all, then you can always consider your position, or try to get internal promotion.

Salary Raise Bargaining Tools

There is some information that can really help you get that extra raise from the boss.

1) Colleagues Pay. If you happen to know that you have a colleague who is being paid more for the same job and churning out the same quality of work, then noting this in front of the boss can lead to pressure on them to actually listen to your requests for more money.

2) Offers from Elsewhere. If you have been offered a job elsewhere by a competitor, or even internal to the company for more money, this is your most powerful bargaining chip. When a boss has a competent team member the last thing they need is the hassle of having to recruit someone else, so it can be more cost effective simply to meet your salary demands.

3) Excellence of work done. If you are doing a great job and have lots of feedback from others, suppliers, customers, colleagues, illustrating your worth then you can really make a good case for an increase in your salary.