Closing The Interview

Interviewers often turn the questions around to you at the end of the interview. They often don't actually want questions but it seems polite to do it. When they do you have to be prepared. Take the following standard question -

What would you like to ask us?

Seems a simple question but it isn't. People make mistakes by not thinking through what they ask and by revealing a lack of knowledge and preparation. It is your opportunity to take charge and to ensure you exit the interview in the best possible light - why blow it!

So let's look at it in more detail and area by area.

At a first interview you are still selling yourself so there is plenty of opportunity to sort out domestic issues later. Win the job before putting up barriers. For example these questions do not add to your employability:

"What are the hours of work as I can't work after 3 pm? I have another job in the evening!"
"Is the restaurant subsidised?"
"Do you have free car parking"
"What car do you give?"

And a really killing question candidates ask is:

"What would I actually do in the job"

They have spent 30 minutes telling you how well they can do it but then reveal they have no idea what they were talking about!!

Ask yourself is this a question which I can ask when I have the offer, is it an area I might negotiate or is it one that is crucial to me taking the job? Only the latter area should be raised and then in a way which enquires rather than demands.

For example "What is company's policy on sponsoring training"

Ask things you can't yet know "How big is the team I would work in or can you tell me how I will be trained to meet your standards?"

It is an opportunity to show what you know.

Look at the company web site and Google news releases and see if you can spot something about them or a direct competitor. Then ask:
"I see that a competitor ABC ltd. is launching a new version of their cleaning product, will that impact on my job area?"

It is an opportunity to reinforce something from earlier or to emphasis something not yet raised.

" You asked in your advertisement for knowledge of cash controls, I just wanted to say that I carried out all the cash balances and reviews in my last company and they were always accepted by the external auditors- so I'm confident I can meet your needs in this area"

Finally it is the time to ASK FOR THE JOB.

This is the biggest mistake candidates make, they do not close the sale and make that final closing impression. You have to be memorable, so ask for the job. This doesn't have to be direct- give me the job - but just
"Thank you for seeing me this morning, all you have told me reinforces my wish to work here, I would like the job and can you tell me what happens next?"