Pharmaceuticals and Science Interview Questions

1 - What are the main challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry?

2 - Tell me about the most recent time you saw this company in the press - what was the story and was the article favourable?

3 - Large pharmaceuticals often get criticised for the prices at which drugs are sold - how do you respond to that?

4 - If there are several research projects you could work on, but funding for just one, what criteria would you use to select your desired project?

5 - Would you prefer to work on a long-term and detailed research project, or to contribute to several shorter term projects?

6 - What do you find particularly satisfying about pharmaceutical research?

7 - How do you keep yourself motivated if your research is progressing slowly or you are not able to reach the conclusion you hoped to derive?

8 - Describe the steps in taking a new drug to the market?

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