Retail Interview Questions

1 - Retail is really all about people. What do you think I mean by that, and am I right?

2 - What are the key responsibilities of a store manager?

3 - You feel that head office have imposed unrealistic targets that are detrimental to your store and team morale. How would you approach this situation?

4 - You have worked in fashion for several years; do you think you would be able to make the switch to our retail environment and what differences/similarities do you perceive between the two?

5 - A customer is unhappy with a member of your staff. How do you deal with the situation?

6 - How do you turn a customer's bad experience into something positive for both the customer and the company?

7 - What are the key considerations that any buyer should take into account?

8 - How do you ensure that your knowledge of the sector is both extensive and kept up to date?

9 - What innovations do you think our rivals are using that would also work well for us?

10 - Who are our three main competitors?

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