Sales Interview Questions

1 - What do you like about working in sales?

2 - How would you react if you were asked to work on a commission only basis?

3 - How do you hone your sales process to ensure that you are continually improving?

4 - If you have a dry period without sales how do you keep yourself motivated?

5 - The company decides to raise prices by 15% immediately. How would you approach breaking this news to customers and retaining their business if they are uncomfortable with the increase?

6 - A customer wants to place a big order but at a discounted price. You can't get hold of head office to authorise the order - what do you do?

7 - Describe a time when you have suggested an improvement to a sales process that was implemented. What was the improvement, and did it increase sales?

8 - Do you prefer to work from a script or without?

9 - How do you close the sale?

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