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Job profile for a Lead Learning Mentor

Lead Learning Mentor Department: Education Base: ????????????? Title of job: Lead Learning Mentor Reports to: Headteacher Supervises: The postholder will have responsibility for the management and coordination of the Learning Mentor programme in school. Main purposes of the job 1. To formulate and implement a whole school strategy to identify pupils who would benefit from mentoring. Ensure eligible pupils have access to a Learning Mentor 2. To co ordinate, provide and promote a complementary learning mentor service to existing teachers and staff in school, addressing the needs of children who need support to overcome barriers to learning both inside and outside the school in order to achieve their full potential. 3. To facilitate pupil’s learning and development through mentoring and to support a successful transfer and transition at key stages1-2. 4. To oversee the Y6-Y7 transition targeting children who require extra support to make the successful transition to secondary school. 5. To manage and supervise members of staff employed in learning mentor or other school pastoral activities as necessary. 6. To be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people within the school. Management, training and development 7. Ensure adequate school representation at all local authority multi-agency, local network support, external local authority training opportunities. Collaborative working 8. Work with the Gifted and Talented coordinator, SENCO and to address the needs of disadvantaged, able, disaffected, difficult pupils and/or SEN pupils. 9. Maintain regular contact with parents/carers of the pupil receiving support, to encourage positive family involvement in the pupil’s learning. 10. Liaise with community and specialist support services such as: – Behaviour Support Team – Education Psychology Service – Education Welfare Service – Social Services – Health professionals – Parent support advisors – Link workers. Funding 11. Manage the school budget for the Learning Mentor programme. Manage other resources as necessary. Main responsibilities and tasks 1. To manage and co ordinate the learning mentor staff and to monitor and evaluate their work. 2. To develop one to one and group mentoring relationships with children needing particular support where necessary aimed at achieving the goals defined in the action plan. 3. Working with other key staff members draw up and implement an action plan for each child who needs particular support. 4. To monitor and report on the implementation of the school’s learning mentor programme to senior leadership team. 5. Participate in the comprehensive assessment of all children entering or returning to school and to identify early signs in those who need extra help to overcome barriers to learning inside and outside school. 6. To identify those children who would benefit most from learning mentor support and manage a personal caseload. 7. To maintain regular contact with families/carers, to keep them informed of the child’s needs and progress and to secure positive family support and involvement. 8. To work closely with key members of staff to ensure that the needs of the children are met, including contributing to policies and practices that will promote inclusion and engagement. 9. To have full knowledge and appreciation of the range of activities, courses, opportunities, organisations and individuals that could provide extra support for pupils and make specialist referrals as appropriate 10. To facilitate the sharing of information between local agencies, schools, Local Authority and other learning mentors. To be the point of contact for accessing a range of community based programmes and special support services for the school 11. To network with other learning mentors and share best practice 12. To help adapt and plan the development of resources necessary to lead learning activities, taking into account pupils’ interests, language and cultural backgrounds. 13. To provide support for pupils’ emotional and social needs by encouraging and modelling positive behaviour in line with school policy 14. To operate within agreed legal and ethical boundaries particularly in regard to child protection 15. To carry out duties in accordance with health and safety legislation and the school policy 16. To promote inclusion and equality of opportunity for all pupils in accordance with school policy 17. To undertake other duties and responsibilities as required from time to time commensurate with the grade of the post

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Lead Learning Mentor Salary Comparison

In 2008, the average salary for this job was £30,000.

The average salary in 2010 was £45,800, based on 2 respondents (a difference of 0% from the 2009 figure.

The median salary for a Lead Learning Mentor based on all salary survey responses is: £19,000

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About the Salary Survey Data in this survey is based on over 368,000 individual salary records. The date period for which job information was gathered varies, but is usually between 2008 - 2012. For precise date related information, custom reports may be ordered with greater granularity. Working 8 hours a day, 250 days of the year, the data suggests the hourly rate for Lead Learning Mentor is £10.8.

Lead Learning Mentor Salary By UK Region

These figures use non-job specific statistical weighting from our salary data pool and also include for comparison the salaries for a Lead Learning Mentor job in US Dollars based on a recent exchante rate (last rate update 02/05/2013 with a pound to dollar exchange rate 1.56) for comparisons for our international visitors
Salary US Dollars Region
£19008 $29652.48 North West
£23544 $36728.64 London
£17280 $26956.8 Yorkshire and North East
£18792 $29315.52 South West
£22248 $34706.88 South East
£18360 $28641.6 Scotland
£19440 $30326.4 Northern Ireland
£18144 $28304.64 Wales
£20088 $31337.28 Midlands
£17928 $27967.68 East of England

With regard to age and impact on salary for a Lead Learning Mentor, a statistical average weighting (that is based on how salary varies by age and not for a specific job which may vary considerably) suggests these figures: £16,200 for a worker in their 20s, £21,168 (30s), £25,056 (40s) and £25,056 (50s).
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The average salary figure above for a Lead Learning Mentor is considered to not necessarily be representative across the whole UK market as it is based on less than five respondents with this job title.

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