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Job profile for a PA To The Training Manager

The PA is responsible for the provision of a comprehensive secretarial, administrative and personal assistant function to the Training Manager. To develop and maintain appropriate administrative systems, utilising appropriate technology. To organise internal and external meetings on behalf of the Training Manager. To screen and manage in-coming telephone calls, e-mails messages, correspondence etc; in an appropriately structured and prioritised manner, including the preparation of acknowledgement responses and follow on action. To manage effectively the diary of the Training Manager. To produce high-quality, hard-copy documentation on behalf of the Training Manager, including internal and external correspondence and the presentation of reports. To set up and maintain filing arrangements for the Training Manager. To initiate correspondence on behalf of the Training Manager including the composition of draft responses. To collate papers and briefing material, using an appropriate bring-forward system, in advance of the Training Managers schedule of meetings and appointments etc; Monitor and make records of staff holidays. Attend courses to improve skills and helps maintain job satisfaction. Control own area and adhere to company Health and Safety procedures. Ensure Health & Safety practices are adhered to at all times. Promote and safeguard the welfare of children and young person’s you are responsible for or come into contact with. To undertake safeguarding training and be knowledgeable of the company safeguarding policies and procedures. Any other duties that may occur from time to time. Control recruitment – post job vacancies on online job sites and review CV’s for eligible candidates. Arrange interview and send letters to candidates etc; Stock ordering and control stock. Assist the 14-16 Provision Manager with the administration of the training programme as follows:- Attend open days with Manager and assist with interviewing of all learners. Assist Manager to organise induction days, information days and celebration evenings. Ensure induction packs are up to date and documentation is completed and returned by learners following induction. Liaise with schools regarding outstanding documentation. Record learner problems and concerns and file as appropriate. City & Guilds Registration and Certification. Keep all daily registers up to date. Type up termly reports for all learners and send out to all relevant parties. Liaise with schools on any issues with student’s illness, behaviour or attendance. Certification of Personal Image, Trade Skills, Introduction to the Hair & Beauty Sector and Higher Diploma in Hair & Beauty Studies. Prepare all register packs making sure paperwork inc behaviour forms/praise cards are up to date. Minute taking at 14- 16 meetings. Prepare documentation for induction. General administration including typing, photocopying and minute meetings as required. Personal Development – Attend courses to improve skills relevant to your role.

- PA To The Training Manager Job Profile

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PA To The Training Manager Salary Comparison

In 2008, the average salary for this job was £30,000.

The average salary in 2011 was £18,500, based on 1 respondents (a difference of 0% from the 2010 figure.

The median salary for a PA To The Training Manager based on all salary survey responses is: £18,500

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About the Salary Survey Data in this survey is based on over 368,000 individual salary records. The date period for which job information was gathered varies, but is usually between 2008 - 2012. For precise date related information, custom reports may be ordered with greater granularity. Working 8 hours a day, 250 days of the year, the data suggests the hourly rate for PA To The Training Manager is £9.25.

PA To The Training Manager Salary By UK Region

These figures use non-job specific statistical weighting from our salary data pool and also include for comparison the salaries for a PA To The Training Manager job in US Dollars based on a recent exchante rate (last rate update 02/05/2013 with a pound to dollar exchange rate 1.56) for comparisons for our international visitors
Salary US Dollars Region
£16280 $25396.8 North West
£20165 $31457.4 London
£14800 $23088 Yorkshire and North East
£16095 $25108.2 South West
£19055 $29725.8 South East
£15725 $24531 Scotland
£16650 $25974 Northern Ireland
£15540 $24242.4 Wales
£17205 $26839.8 Midlands
£15355 $23953.8 East of England

With regard to age and impact on salary for a PA To The Training Manager, a statistical average weighting (that is based on how salary varies by age and not for a specific job which may vary considerably) suggests these figures: £13,875 for a worker in their 20s, £18,130 (30s), £21,460 (40s) and £21,460 (50s).
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The average salary figure above for a PA To The Training Manager is considered to not necessarily be representative across the whole UK market as it is based on less than five respondents with this job title.

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