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The average salary for a Senior Designer in the UK is:


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Senior Designer Salary Comparison

In 2008, the average salary for this job was £30,976.

The average salary in 2009 was £32,898, based on 49 respondents (a difference of 6% from the 2008 figure.

The average salary in 2010 was £30,369, based on 72 respondents (a difference of -8% from the 2009 figure.

The average salary in 2011 was £30,687, based on 67 respondents (a difference of 1% from the 2010 figure.

The average salary in 2012 was £33,907, based on 23 respondents (a difference of 10% from the 2011 figure.

The median salary for a Senior Designer based on all salary survey responses is: £30,000

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About the Salary Survey Data in this survey is based on over 368,000 individual salary records. The date period for which job information was gathered varies, but is usually between 2008 - 2012. For precise date related information, custom reports may be ordered with greater granularity. Working 8 hours a day, 250 days of the year, the data suggests the hourly rate for Senior Designer is £15.93.

Assorted Senior Designer Salary Information

£35,000North West8-April-19
£31,000North West16-December-14
£28,000South East12-March-14
£32,000South West16-October-13
£32,000South West16-October-13
£33,500North West17-July-13
Chart to the right shows ten most recent raw datapoints. Outlying points may be discarded.
Graph of Senior Designer salary data

Senior Designer Salary By UK Region

£31,000South West
£26,850North West
£37,250South East
£26,500East of England
£25,400Yorkshire and North East

With regard to age and impact on salary for a Senior Designer, a statistical average weighting (that is based on how salary varies by age and not for a specific job which may vary considerably) suggests these figures: £23,901 for a worker in their 20s, £31,230 (30s), £36,966 (40s) and £36,966 (50s).
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The average salary figure above for a Senior Designer is considered highly likely to be representative of the UK market average due to the high number of respondents who had this exact job title.

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