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When a new road is to be built, a transport model is usually built to see how much traffic the road will carry, how wide it should be, where to put the road junctions etc. After all if you can save the cost of a slip road then this will more than cover the cost of the model. Most governments want to build roads which will give them the best use of their money so they rank alternative road schemes so as to give the best value for public money. The model is built in a computer with a representation of the transport system and the demand from people who want to use it both now and in the future. Transport models also sometimes cover public transport, walking and cycling and at the other end of the scale they can cover air, sea and freight. These models may also need to cover fares where the higher the fare the less people will use it. This leads to the idea of an elasticity which is a relationship between fare and the number of people who use it. An elasticity is a simple transport model. It could also be a component of a more complex transport model. In some countries (eg the UK, North America, Australia, New Zealand), it is common for the local government to develop a plan to cover the future development of the towns and cities in their area for the next five, ten years or so. These plans commonly cover the development of the use of the land as well as development of the transport system. For the larger settlements it is usual to develop a transport model so as to make the best use of the money needed to improve the transport system. The authority will keep the transport model and use is as the need arises to change the transport plan, investigate new transport opportunities and understand the impact of the development of new sites. These models were often models of the highway system so as try to cater for the ever increasing use of cars perhaps with a public transport model to look at the increasing role public transport would be expected to play in the future. The larger conurbations often developed large complex multi mode models while at the other end of the scale very small towns did not need a model and medium sized ones could have just a model of the highway system. In the last ten years or so (earlier in some countries, later in others) there has been an increasing awareness that governments do not have enough money to build roads to cater for all the demand from cars - especially in urban areas. The emphasis now is on trying to understand the role of other modes of transport and to provide for travel wherever possible, on alternatives to the car. These sorts of problems require different sorts of models to address them properly. They seek to understand behaviour with techniques such as stated and revealed preference and disaggregate modelling techniques.

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Transport Modeller Salary Comparison

In 2008, the average salary for this job was £50,000.

The average salary in 2009 was £127,000, based on 2 respondents (a difference of 154% from the 2008 figure.

The average salary in 2011 was £70,000, based on 1 respondents (a difference of 0% from the 2010 figure.

The median salary for a Transport Modeller based on all salary survey responses is: £31,500

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About the Salary Survey Data in this survey is based on over 368,000 individual salary records. The date period for which job information was gathered varies, but is usually between 2008 - 2012. For precise date related information, custom reports may be ordered with greater granularity. Working 8 hours a day, 250 days of the year, the data suggests the hourly rate for Transport Modeller is £38.65.

Transport Modeller Salary By UK Region

These figures use non-job specific statistical weighting from our salary data pool and also include for comparison the salaries for a Transport Modeller job in US Dollars based on a recent exchante rate (last rate update 02/05/2013 with a pound to dollar exchange rate 1.56) for comparisons for our international visitors
Salary US Dollars Region
£68024 $106117.44 North West
£84257 $131440.92 London
£61840 $96470.4 Yorkshire and North East
£67251 $104911.56 South West
£79619 $124205.64 South East
£65705 $102499.8 Scotland
£69570 $108529.2 Northern Ireland
£64932 $101293.92 Wales
£71889 $112146.84 Midlands
£64159 $100088.04 East of England

With regard to age and impact on salary for a Transport Modeller, a statistical average weighting (that is based on how salary varies by age and not for a specific job which may vary considerably) suggests these figures: £57,975 for a worker in their 20s, £75,754 (30s), £89,668 (40s) and £89,668 (50s).
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The average salary figure above for a Transport Modeller is considered to be a good representation across the UK market due to a good number of respondents who had this job title.

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