The Single Best way to make Money

In one word, that is property. In life we talk about the haves, and the have nots - and nothing could be truer than when it comes to property. Everyone needs somewhere to live and over time there is more and more pressure for land, there is more demand than supply, and this means one thing - prices going up.

In the British Isles the phrase as safe as houses should be as safe as house prices - it seems unthinkable that apart from small blips lasting a couple of years, house prices won't outperform inflation and end up making their owners lots of money.

In fact with people who have a house now who bought about ten years ago it is not uncommon for the price to have gone up tenfold, and for people to have made more on their property value in real terms than they have received in their salary, as incredible as that may seem it is true.

And what this means is that you need to get on the property ladder as soon as you can. If you want riches, then you need to get into property and if you don't do so, then you are missing out. And worst of all, renting is the worst possible financial decision as it is simply pouring money down the drain - you get no assets for it; with your mortgage it might be a little higher than renting but you are starting to realise a valuable asset as a result of your spending.

So the bottom line is clear - get into property as early as you can in your life, and you will end up much more wealthy than those who delay and leave the decision to get on the ladder longer.