Get a Business Mentor

A business mentor, as the name implies, is someone who you can turn to for confidential advice with regards your business career.

Having a business mentor - in an official capacity or otherwise - is now more and more commonplace, and indeed many large companies offer mentoring schemes.

However there is nothing to stop you approaching someone that you value and trust to act as your business mentor. Ideally choose someone who has a lot of experience in the field in which you are involved - they do not necessarily have to be particularly senior, though often they will be.

The value of this relationship is simple: at various times in our career, we need someone to talk to, either to get specific advice, or just to talk through our options and thoughts at the time. The mentor dispenses useful advice that may make us change our options, renew the energy we give to our career, and just generally act as a sounding board.

If you want a business mentor, then either ask someone you know already and would like to fulfil that role to act as a mentor to you, or alternatively apply to one of the many business mentoring schemes on offer. You might find their advice invaluable.