Career Development Tips

Career Development is a very broad topic, and of course it means different things to different people. Here are some hints and tips on career development in the sense of climbing the career ladder and getting to where you want to be on the career ladder.

Work isn't a meritocracy

Remember that in most cases, life isn't fully fair. Therefore the best people in terms of ability don't always get to the top. If you are the best person, that's bad news - if not, then it could be an opportunity.

Perception is reality in business - the case you present for yourself and the way you act, and your political skills are as important as what you actually achieve. Therefore whilst you should not lie, managing your image and upward managing is a key skill to get on in today's workplace.

Act Senior

One of the best ways to become a manager is to act as though you are one. That doesn't mean ordering others about, but rather be confident, proud and always try your best and give 100%. Be happy to make tough decisions and show real commitment. It will not go unnoticed and by thinking like a boss you might just become one soon.

Work your network

Another key skill is to find out some good contacts in the organisation - for instance if you want to get into a certain role, then find out who's to know in that area and develop a relationship with them. Start by showing interest and arranging to meet for coffee. Remember most people love nothing more than feeling valued and will therefore happily give a little of their time to tell you about themselves.

Follow the work

Don't wait for projects to get landed on your desk before getting involved. Actively look for work, and try to find projects that will challenge you - they are a great chance to develop and also show off your skillset when things go right.

This proactive approach is sure to pay rich dividends in the long run, as you get better skills and better prospects. Remember: your profile is more important in getting a job and recognition than your achievements in modern business. Maybe not an ideal fact, but one that you need to grasp without bitterness to succeed in modern corporate cultures.