Confidence at Work

Many people have low confidence at work. This may be for several reasons. Often it is because we are not confident in other areas of our life, and this therefore feeds into how we act in the work place.

Another reason is that we have had a bad experience in the past - perhaps a former boss told you off constantly or you got bad feedback on a project which knocked your confidence in your own ability.

Whatever the reason, lack of confidence can have a bad effect on your work, how others perceive you, and your enjoyment of being in the workplace.

So, how can you get confident in the workplace? Well, the first thing to remember is to walk tall and do not adopt a negative body posture. Smile and act cheery whilst in the office, hold your head up high, and do not be afraid to make eye contact with people.

Be friendly and always stop for a chat with your colleagues and those more senior to you. By adopting a positive outlook on your life and your work, this will help inspire confidence in yourself. Indeed, acting confident on a consistent manner - even when you don't feel it - is the best to instill confidence in yourself and get others to think you are confident, which in itself will boost your confidence.

In other words, confidence is a virtuous circle. To be confident and feel confident, you first have to act confident. And over time, you will become just that!