Copywriting Part Time Business

One great idea of a part time business you can run is a copywriting service. If you are good with words and able to write clearly and precisely, then consider offering copywriting.

But a word of warning - only offer this as a business if you are good at it; if not then you will have unhappy clients who will not pay. If you like english, the written word and often spot mistakes in newspapers, think that webpages are not well worded and so forth, then this could be the one for you!

Can you spell well, have attention to detail, grasp the key ideas behind a concept, product or service quickly, and can then articulate it in words?

If the answer to the above is yes, then set yourself a simple challenge: go to a website that you think has badly written copy, and re-write a page of it. Then send it to the owner of the site and say you have improved your copy and you would be happy for them to use it. If they accept, it looks like you are a gifted copywriter!

Start a website and build a portfolio, potentially doing a few pages for free at first to build up a client list and a couple of testimonials. Advertise your copywriting services and business on web forums and sites in the local area where you live and within your country, and wait for the business to come in. Particularly useful to frequent are business forums that are popular as often people will post requirements for copywriting so can lead to a steady stream of business.