Lying on your CV

Many people say that they make small or larger 'lies' on their CV - whether this is by omission or actually stating something that is untrue varies from person to person.

Classic lies people make are with regard to upgrading the grades they got in their exams, saying they stayed at university for the whole term when they left early, or feeling free to upgrade themselves to a more prestigious university that happens to be in the same region - for instance Oxford Brookes students upgrading to being Oxford students.

Other lies are more brazen - simply lying about what their job involved, how long they did it for, and claiming responsibility for decisions that were made by their team leader and not themselves.

So, would you consider lying on your CV, and does it vary by age? Below is the results based on the average response from the around 1,000 respondents by age. The question is, how truthful were the responses!

AgeWould you Lie on your CV
15 Yes I would
17 No way!
18 No way!
19 No way!
20 No way!
21 No way!
22 No way!
23 No way!
24 No way!
25 No way!
26 No way!
27 No way!
28 No way!
29 No way!
30 No way!
31 No way!
32 No way!
33 No way!
34 No way!
35 No way!
36 No way!
37 No way!
38 Yes I would
39 No way!
40 No way!
41 No way!
42 No way!
43 Yes I would
44 No way!
45 No way!
46 No way!
47 No way!
48 No way!
49 Yes I would
50 No way!
51 Yes I would
52 No way!
53 Yes I would
55 No way!
56 No way!
58 No way!
59 Yes I would
60 No way!
62 No way!
64 Yes I would
65 No way!