Your Dream Job

One of the best ways to motivate yourself during your career is to set yourself a target early on. But what target?

Job Targets: Goal Setting

For some the job target will be to retire at a certain age. For other people, it might be something like financial wealth - having a home with their mortgage paid off and half a million sitting in the bank.

One of the best targets to set if you are ambitious is to target your dream job. Say that one day you will be an X, whatever X is for you. Also try to hone in on your target by choosing a date or age by which you want to be an X.

What do you want to be?

For some it is easy to state their dream job. There is one they have always harboured an ambition to be, whether it is a financial advisor or the director of their own company. Spend some time thinking about your dream job, and then write an action plan to achieve your goal.

How to get your dream job

Your dream job acts as motivation to achieve it. Work out a series of small goals that you can acheive individually that collectively will help you reach your goal. For instance if there are five steps on the career ladder between you and your dream job, in terms of junior roles, then set each of those as a target.

Every month think about what you could do better to achieve that job, and what you are doing well at the moment. Focus in on the advice and support of others, too, as this can be a great indicator as to your performance.

Over time, this focussed energy and drive to achieve your dream job should give you a great hope of attaining your goal. Good luck!