Running an Ecommerce Business

Need more money than your salary gives you? There are many opportunities discussed in this section of the site. One of the best in terms of most potential return is to create your own ecommerce site.

That's because there is no maximum return from the site - do it well, do your homework and sell an attractive product to purchase at the right price and you could do so well that this becomes your full time job, and provides much more than a little more than your usual salary to your pay packet.

So how to go about it? Well first you need to pick what you are going to sell - sunglasses, clothing, stamps, whatever it is that picks your fancy.

Once that is sorted, you then need a website. You can set these up yourself using a site builder tool or get someone to do it for you at a reasonable price, or learn to use an open-source (free) product such as OSCommerce.

Once you have your website set up you will need to take photos of your stock and upload them to the database, the population of data can take a while and then you need to take payments. The quickest, cheapest and easiest method whilst you start off is simply to apply for a Paypal account and integrate the buttons on your site, this is not hard to do.

Once the site is created, you need to publicise it. Get links from directories, business forums such as About My Business and so forth and let people know about what you offer. Get your friends and family to buy through it and recommend it to others.

With hard work and dedication you can soon build up a decent level of traffic and generate a nice second income. From there only ambition will limit where you can go with the site.