Things to consider when buying for the first time

The key consideration, of course, will be with regard to your budget and the location of the house.

Now cost often has an impact in terms of whereabout you buy, but you should be a little idealistic and consider that if you are going to spend this much money on a house it needs to be somewhere you would be happy living whatever the cost, which is then offset against the reality that money talks and the more flexible you can be with other factors, perhaps the more choices you will have when it comes to finding the right place to live.

The next key consideration is to take your time.

Househunting can be both boring and exciting, but if you treat it as something you just have to do then you might miss out on the dream home for you. There is nothing more exciting than clicking with a place and starting to envision what it will look like when you move in, so don't rush to find somewhere which you will regret having purchased down the line.

Next, you need to make sure that when you have found the property you want you look at it several times. You will need to see what it looks like at night for instance because some properties that look good in the day can look very different at night.

Also consider the neighborhood you are moving too if you are unfamiliar and some even take a camera and take some photos.

You will also need to consider any problems with crime in the area, parks for the kids and kids if you have children. Also consider a garden and if the property has the space you will need in the future if others move in with you, if you have children and so on and so forth.

Indeed it is a real juggling act of weighing up all the factors and ensuring that you get things just right for you and within your budget, whilst keeping realistic ambitions - it really is a tricky thing to do!

Anyhow, these are some of the things to consider on the non financial side of things when moving house.

Of course once you've found the one you want then begins all the process of surveys, valuations, legal fees, estate checking and so on and so forth, but everyone who goes through home ownership goes through the process and you just have to hope for a smooth ride and that you don't end up getting gazumped at the last minute!

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