Finances and Getting Married

Getting married is a so-called life event, it is one of the significant milestones in your life and - hopefully - one that you will experience just the once.

However the day itself can be incredibly expensive with average sums spent on a wedding going up and up year on year. And in addition to this there is then the financial structure that will be required in married life itself.

If you are saving for a marriage and want to get money and build up a wedding fund, then there are many things you can do.

Like most things in life, the key financial elements to planning financially for a wedding can be these words:

- start early
- save little
- save often

Of course if you are able to save big then so much the better, but for most people that will never happen as we struggle to make ends meet in todays more and more expensive world.

So those three tips above are the key, but there is one more... a fourth one which can also make a big difference...


It may seem strange to know but there are people out there who regularly keep all their money in a current account and actually use it to save money, building up sums over £10k in a current account! Of course in the vast majority of cases this means there is no interest at all or at least effectively nothing as interest rates on current accounts in the main are so low.

But if you save sensibly and shop around for the best savings rate, then you can really build up a nice sum without having to wait thirty years to get enough money together to get married!

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