What to do if you are refused credit

Sometimes you get turned down for credit when you don't expect there to have been an issue.

Perhaps you have always repaid everything on time and never had any particular financial woes or problems.

If this is the case, then it should indeed warrant further investigation from yourself as to what caused the problem.

In most cases the financial institution or body offering the credit will say that you failed the credit scoring check they undertook against your record, and so the next stop will be to get the facts with regard your credit report.

Contact a credit reference agency and arrange to get access to your report.

This tells what the lenders will see when they look up for information about you - you can get the information off an agency like Experian.

When you get the report they will need to know your full name and anywhere you have lived at in the last six years.

You should then go through the credit report carefully and check the information that is there and whether it is correct. If anything is wrong you can then lodge an appeal and note down anything that is incorrect and you may get creidt.

From time to time, your credit suffers due to mistakes such as someone who lived previously at the address having debts and these have stayed against the house address when you have moved in. Or perhaps someone has given the wrong address and so you are being chased for payments.

It is not uncommon for instance to be refused a telephone line by a provider when you move into a house as it is marked as a bad address because a previous occupant has not covered their bills.

So it is certainly always worth ensuring that you check your credit report if anything strange happens like unexpectedly getting refused credit.

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