Being Forced to Resign

The vast majority of times when people resign it is purely through their own free will and through what is called positive choice.

However there are rare occasions where an employee will feel under pressure to leave, which could be perceived or real pressure. If that is the case then what should you do about it?

Well there might be a possibility to claim what is called 'constructive dismissal' even if that sounds like a bit of a misnomer as it is not a particularly constructive process after all!

Sometimes you might feel this due to directly being told you must resign and leave, or if your boss or a colleague behaves in a way you find unacceptable and badly behaved; or indeed perhaps if conditions at work are dangerous as far as you are concerned.

It is an idea to raise a grievance about that matter before you leave, and in fact this is key to an employment tribunal who might simply not hear your case if you haven't done so.

Also bear in mind that if you do consider constructive dismissal it can be very hard to prove because, by its nature, many of the reasons are things that have no obvious evidence, for instance the behaviour of a person is something that is hard to prove unless you have people willing to testify that what you say is accurate and correct, which is sadly often not the case even if what you say has happened is absolutely true.