Getting Contract Work

Contracting work is great, if you can get it and at the rate you want.

The fact is that you can earn a lot more and although you don't get the benefits such as th enice holiday and the payment when you ar esick and pension payments and healthcare and so on this can be made up for with the added rate you get and the lack of hassle.

The fact is that normally in a company you have all sorts of problems to contend with and issues. For instance you are swimming in HR rubbish and performance plans and so on and can't concentrate on the job.

When you do contracting you don't have any of that sort of thing to worry about and can just get on with the job. Also because of this independence from the company you can usually feel freer to have a say and also people will listen more carefully to what it is that you have to say, which is also quite interesting and of note, too.

So what can you do to get contract work? Well, first register with the websites that can get you contract work - fish4jobs, reed, monster and so on.

Then say you are interested in contract work - many say that they are not and therefore won't get the offers.

Also be confident in what you can do and show that you can solve problems, go in and analyse the issues and get to a solution quickly as this is just what they want.

Once you get the first piece of the work the next one is much easier to get, so focus on that first time and the rest will hopefully come without too many issues.