Getting richer

When it comes to getting richer, there are several things of course you can do.

However one recent survey is particularly interesting and will be of particular note to those that like their gastronomy and their food.

A recent survey suggested that those who eat well and spend MORE on food will tend to save more money and spend less.

The reason seems to be that when we eat well and are pleased with what we eat, we are more contented overall.

However when we skimp and scrape on what we eat and eat and consume budget meals, beans on toast and other cheaper meals for some reason it impacts on our psyche and we compensate, in fact over compensate, by spending more in other areas.

As bizarre as this sounds, apparently the survey strongly suggests some sort of correlation in this regard.

So next time that you go shopping, do consider spending a little more on your food and apparently it will be good for you in the long run, if of course surveys are to be believed!