Tactics to get Higher Pay

If you want more pay, it is a common mistake to assume that you need to get a promotion or work really hard for it. But there are other methods, ways and means!

What you need is a persuasive case to be paid more, and one of the best ways is to find out what others who do the same job as you earn. You will be amazed and find it eye opening to see just how much difference in pay there is in many companies for this, as people join at different times and manage to secure themselves really quite different pay levels.

Someone in accounts will probably have access to the pay role if you don't have access yourself, which you probably won't. Get friendly with them and make casual enquiries to see if you can find out what that person is getting paid to do their job, and when you do so there is the evidence you need.

Next pay review meeting you then mention that you know that someone else in the team (don't say who) is getting paid £x more than you to do the same job, and if you are doing a similar or better job simply state you see this is unfair and that you would expect your pay to be brought in line. Don't expect an instant answer and find what happens.

If the demand is met then great, if not then you can assess your options such as leaving and moving elsewhere.

If you can't find out what people get paid in your company then look at the comparable job on the market elsewhere and see the pay level. If it is higher then again bring in this evidence at your next review meeting, and always remember again you have the option of leaving and looking elsewhere if you are not happy with what you are getting paid right now.