Logo and Graphic Work

Are you creative and arty, and able to come up with ideas? Are you the sort of person who sees a logo and thinks that you could do better (other than the Olympic 2012 one?) If so, then logo and graphic work on the side could be perfect for you!

This is an excellent part time business that people up and down the country do in the evenings and at weekends, and it can be a very nice little earner indeed as when you are experienced you can easily charge over £150 for a basic logo and much more for more complex and complicated projects.

There are lots of free business forums out there and business networking sites - these are your friend; and half an hour spread across these a day can soon drum up business. You will need to do the first couple slightly cheaper to get your portfolio and also get a simple web site up and running, once you are away you should find business comes quite steadily.

It is one of those services where people ask for recommendations and are happy to pass on a name, so if you do a good job then do not underestimate the benefits over time through the word of mouth method, or word of email.

Not only can this be fun and rewarding, if you have the skills it can be one of the most rewarding financially of all the work from home part time second income jobs out there right now!