Lowest Salaried Jobs

The below lists the ten jobs that came out as having the lowest salary based on our February 2008 survey compiling approximately 13,000 results.

The list below should be seen as an indicator only and no guarantee can be made, of course, that these actually are the lowest ten earning job titles.

If you wish to see all the job titles that respondents had and their average salary data, please visit the main '2008 salary survey' section where you can see an A-Z list of all the job titles that respondents had together with average salary data by job title (3,328 job titles are listed).

The lowest ten salaries based on the survey are as follows:

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  • First Line Support
  • Support Assistant
  • Administration Assistant
  • Data Input
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • General Trainee
  • Modern Apprentice
  • Store Assistant
  • Help desk worker
  • Financial Assistant