Manage Your Boss

Probably the most important working relationship that we have is with our boss at work. After all, they are responsible for giving us the work we do, feeding back to us on how we perform and ultimately deciding how well we are performing.

More than that, if you have a constant dialogue with your boss, then the nature of that relationship will determine how much you enjoy work as well as the bonus and financial reward you receive for your job.

Indeed the biggest reason that people leave their job is because the relationship with their boss has broken down. Given this it is surprising that so few people put effort into developing a good working relationship with their boss and trying to impress their boss.

What you need to do, first and foremost, is work out what makes your boss tick. What are their own personal likes and dislikes - for instance are they obsessed with fine print and small details, or are they more creative and visionary types?

We all like people like ourselves, and the boss will be no different. If you understand their priorities, then match them and play to these priorities, then you will have a great relationship with your boss and impress them. For instance, if they like to plan in detail, they will grow frustrated if you work at a higher level and do little preparation for meetings. You should adapt your style to also plan in detail, even if this is not what you would normally do.

By understanding the skills that your boss values the most, and displaying these skills on a regular basis, then you are sure to have a great relationship.