Your Marketing Campaign: Increase Your Salary

Increasing your salary and developing your career is never easy. Yet many think they can just sit back passively and the next job will come to them automatically. Wrong!

The truth is, that career development comes to those who want it most more than those who deserve it most. It is all about pushing yourself and putting the extra effort in to market yourself well. Companies market their products and think nothing of it. Marketing has been going on since business began.

Yet strangely, most individuals never really think of marketing themself. Yet if you run your career and your plan to get a new job, new career or higher salary as a marketing campaign, then you will be efficient and successful. Therefore a focus on personal marketing is essential to climbing up the career ladder.

Why undertake personal marketing?

The biggest part of a personal marketing campaign to secure a new or better career is the preparation stage. This is where you spend time updating your CV and ensuring that you are showing all your skills up to the present day.

You also make sure in this phase that you are feeling positive and energised, as finding a new job is not easy and can take some time.

The next phase is market research: here you gather information with regard what jobs are out there for you, and also find any potential problems. Problems could be, for instance, that most jobs require you to have a formal qualification that you don't have.

Now you take a call in the next stage - focus and decision - do you put off your plans for a while and gain the appropriate qualification, or do you market yourself so as this is not a weakness? This takes time, an honest search of your skills and how you assess your skills compared to someone with that qualification.

Career Marketing: Final Phase

The final phase of the marketing campaign is the external promotion of yourself - where you apply for the job, give a professional CV and covering letter, and then go to the interview, which is the ultimate marketing exercise.