Career Progression Technique: Motivating Letter

A so-called motivating letter can be a great way of propelling your career forward. Funny then that so few people use the motivating letter as a technique to lift their salary and re-vitalise their career.

A motivating letter is one that you right to someone high up in an organisation, often the CEO, with a view to them meeting up with you and hopefully being impressed with you and you scouting for a job with that company.

If successful this can be an excellent approach and many people get a job by writing a speculative letter, securing a meeting then being recommended for a job by the executive - and often quite a well paid one too!

There are two types of letters that you may write. The first is the so-called Targeted Motivating Letter.

This is where you write to a very specific set or target set of companies that match up well with your skills and what you are looking for.

The other is the non-targeted motivating letter, which may be less focussed. For instance if you have a good idea for a new product that a bank could offer, you might write in to them and ask if you could come in and chat to someone about it - a great in and that meeting could well lead to future employment opportunities for you.

If a Targeted approach then ensure that you write to a named individual and try to be as pressing as you can into a meeting. Explain clearly what you want to discuss and why they should meet you.

Motivating Letters: Conclusion

You may get a few turn downs through secretarial letters, but this is an excellent technique to get in front of executives and raise your career profile and salary to a new level.