Negotiating Contract Pay

When it comes to negotiating a contract, there is one mistake that you should avoid making.

Normally when it comes to a contract you have to be a bit guarded as it is for a full time job. You are going to be working with a company and therefore you want to ensure that you make a good impression and don't want to be too aggressive with your negotiation.

However when it comes to the contract you have to remember that really it is you that is doing them a favour - they need someone to do a job and you are the person to do it.

Also it is short term so you won't be tied in and you won't also get benefits such as things like the pension and healthcare and that side of things and they can get rid of you at any minute.

In short as a contractor it is much more attractive for them to give you good pay as you don't get benefits and they have the flexibility in the same way that you too.

Bear all this in mind when it comes to getting and negotiating a contract. Don't be afraid to push for the money that you really want - you can be more philosophical if it is turned down and if you do think you are essential to the contract then they should agree your rate.

You also have less to lose if it doesn't work out - you simply go on and get the next contract. Contrast that to a job where if things turn sour in contract negotiations then you might end up souring your entire experience working at a company long term.

Enjoy the power of being a contractor, and embrace it!