Networking Hints and Tips

One of the most effective ways to get on in business is through networking.

If you are a natural networker, then chances are that you are already well bought into what networking can bring you. We network all the time, for instance when we ask 'who do I ask to find out...?' or even 'do you know a good plumber?'

We access other people's networks, and also our own network when we get in touch with the most relevant person to do something.

Networking is Powerful

For some networking is a dirty word. They see it as using other people to get what you want. But this should not be the case. A good networker will want to help others as much as have others who can help them. It is a co-operative situation, and indeed a bad networker will find it hard to sustain their network. If someone perceives other members of their network are using them and giving nothing back they are likely to drop them.

Networking is powerful because it is access to information. The more people in our network the more information we have access to - if we can call on the people in our network regularly. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.

How networking can help you


If you are looking for a new job, then the chances are someone in your network will know someone who is looking to recruit. If it's in your field, then they can recommend the job to you. That's knowledge that you just wouldn't have had otherwise. They might even put in a good word for you. This is just one example of how networking can help you, but you get the idea.

How to be a good networker

A good networker takes the time to get to know his contacts well, on a social not just business basis. He maintains regular contact with his network so feels able to call on the advice or support of a member of his network when required. He also freely gives his time to those in his network who needs it without respecting anything in return.

How to build a network

Opportunities are there all the time - by being friendly, approachable and knowledgeable then you will naturally build a network. Also good opportunities are business conferences and events, indeed any gathering where many people get together. You never know where you might meet someone interesting!