The Process of being made Redundant

Being made redundant is a deeply unsettling experience for many people; there is a set process that should happen.

This includes things like:

  • Being consulted about it
  • Getting treatment that is fair
  • Get any pay you are required; get the required notice
  • Alternatives to being made redundant should be considered

There are different guidelines in place depending how large number of people the employer is making redundant.

If there are less than 20 there is one process and if there is more than 20 there is a different process; for the larger number this is known as the collective consultation procedure so if you are going through a major redundancy program at work you might well hear that phrase on a frequent basis.

Note that sometimes an employer may use the phrase or term redundancy as a cover up for another reason for getting rid of you from their employ; if this happens or if the correct procedure is not followed their could be grounds for what is known as unfair dismissal.