Entitlements when you Resign

When you resign and leave a company, what are you entitled to?

Well, firstly when it comes to getting jobseeker's allowance you should know that this can be delayed for up to a period of 26 weeks, if you have quit without good reason.

A company pension will almost certainly not let you pay in any more, but of course you should be kept abreast of news and be able to make decisions if relevant as to how the funds you already have committed are used and draw it in due course. A personal pension you can take with you.

How about matters such as holiday days you were entitled to in the period but did not take? This is one of the most common questions people have when they leave, wondering what happens to those days, clearly we all love and value our holidays!

Well the answer is you should get paid for any unusued days within your legal minimum allowance. As for days that are in your contract but over the legal minimum you will need to check the contract as sometimes it will say that you lose the right to get paid for those; many employers will honour those however on a pro-rata basis and pay out for any days under you would be expected to take at that time of the year.

You get given a P45 when you leave, and this shows what you have been paid and the tax so far in that year. This will be key as you will need to give it to your next employer in order for them to work out your situation and what to do next.