Reviewing your Finances

You work hard for your salary, and the last thing you want is for that money to disappear.

No matter how much you earn, research shows that a large factor determining how much money you end up with depends on how you use your salary rather than how much you get. Not only is it the case people spend more the more they have, but also if are careful with your money you really can make a little go a very long way.

Here are the three most basic things you need to ensure that you do on a monthly basis:

  • Check that you have enough money coming in to give you a little bit than you need each month in terms of outgoings

  • Make sure that any money left over in your current account gets moved to savings in order to get some interest on it

  • Ensure that you review things like utility suppliers so that you know you are getting a good deal

  • When things come up for renewal shop around first, don't always go with the same supplier as some increase prices gradually over time banking on the fact that you will stay put and won't shop around

Those are some basic tips on reviewing your finances, there are some more suggestions in other articles in this series of making your salary go as far as it can...