Media and Publising: Salary Information

This Media and Publising average salary figure is based on the information averaged across jobs, sectors and locations in Media and Publising from the My Salary database.

Note that with most industries there is a large gradation in salary across the range of jobs and experience levels. Therefore this Media and Publising salary data is best used comparatively across sectors rather than for your job specifically.

For Media and Publising salary data based on region and sub-sector, please view the My Salary Calculator tool

Average salary figure for Media and Publising: £29,625.

Job titles containing the word 'media':

Aat Intermediate
Associate Media Director
Cashier Intermediate
Creative Media And Information Assistant
Creative Media Manager
Creative Media Operator
Designer/media Buyer
Digital Media
Digital Media Assistant
Digital Media Developer
Digital Media Engineer
Digital Media Management
Digital Media Manager
Digital Media Programmer
Director And Head Of Media
Director Of Media And Marketing
Director Of Media And Public Relations
Electronic Media Executive
Encoder, Digital Media Operator
Executive Media Director
Freelance Media Analysts
Global Head Of Multimedia
Global Media Manager
Head Of Media
Head Of Media And Communications
Head Of Media Planning
Head Of Media Relations
Head Of Media Sales
Head Of Online Media
Head Of Social Media
Head Of TV, Home Entertainment And Digital Media
ICT Media Technician
Interactive Media
Interactive Media Design
Interactive Media Designer
Intermediary Sales And Support Manager
Intermediate Developer 2
Intermediate Electrical Engineer
Intermediate Engineer
Intermediate Financial Analyst
Intermediate Interior Designer
Intermediate Mechanical Engineer
Intermediate Quantity Surveyor
International Head Of TV, Home Entertainment And Digital Media
International Media Executive
Junior Media Sales
Lead New Media Designer
Marketing Media Manager
Media & Application Support
Media Account Manager
Media Administrator
Media Analyst
Media And Campaigns Officer
Media And Creative Implementation And Development Manager
Media And PR Officer
Media And Promotions Coordinator
Media And Publishing
Media And Web Content Manager
Media Assistant
Media Broadcaster
Media Buyer
Media Buyer Executive
Media Consultant
Media Coordinator
Media Demonstrator
Media Designer
Media Development Coordinator
Media Director
Media Entrepreneur
Media Executive
Media Film Tv Television Production
Media Group Manager
Media Librarian
Media Management Operator
Media Manager
Media Marketing Manager
Media Officer
Media Operations Manager
Media Operator
Media Photographer
Media Planner
Media Planner Buyer
Media Producer
Media Products Controller
Media Promotions Executive
Media Reader
Media Relations And PR Manager
Media Relations Coordinator
Media Relations Executive
Media Relations Manager
Media Relations Officer
Media Research Manager
Media Researcher
Media Resources Manager
Media Resources Officer
Media Sales Advisor
Media Sales Executive
Media Sales Manager
Media Sales Planner
Media Strategy Manager
Media Technician
Media Technician And Demonstrator
Media Technician Demonstrator
Media Update Assistant
Mediate Designer
Multimedia Assistant
Multimedia Communications Manager
Multimedia Consultant
Multimedia Designer
Multimedia Developer
Multimedia Editor
Multimedia Journalist
Multimedia Manager
Multimedia Officer
Multimedia Technician
Multimedia Technology Coordinator
New Media
New Media And Community Relations Executive
New Media Assistant
New Media Associate
New Media Designer
New Media Developer
New Media Director
New Media Editor
New Media Executive
New Media Manager
New Media Marketing Executive
New Media Specialist
Online Media Analyst
Online Media Developer
Online Media Executive
Online Media Producer
PR & Media Assistant
Pr And Media Officer
Pre Media Technician
Remedial Therapist
Remediation Engineer
Remediation Manager
Remediation Project Manager
Rich Media Team Developer
Search Media Strategist
Senior Media Analyst
Senior Media Officer
Senior Media Relations Manager
Social Media Assistant
Social Media Executive
Social Media Manager
Subject Leader Media Studies
Teacher Of English And Media
Visual Media Designer
Web Multimedia Designer Producer