Savings Review Advice

Savings Reviews - they sound boring, but not only could they save you lots of money they could earn you money.

If you want to make your salary work hard for you then it's not just about simply earning more and more, also just as important is to try and make the most of what you have.

Here are some basic elements you should review and ask yourself with regard your savings on a regular basis:

  • How much you are spending borrowing money on things like credit cards - it can be the case that consolidating everything onto one card can save you money as the overall debt you will be owing is less

  • How healthy your savings are - are you still getting the best interest rate you can or has that magical introductory rate of over 10% mysteriously turned into something rubbish and non-competitive like the rates they initially told you their competitors offered?

  • Think Mortgage - are you paying over the odds? Getting a better mortgage deal can save you extraordinary amounts of cash - a healthy chunk of your salary each year could potentially be saved by getting a better mortgage deal

  • Insurance review - are you getting a good deal? Check out comparison websites and see if all is rosey with regard what you are paying now and what you could be paying if you took your business elsewhere.