Telemarketing : Second Job Ideas

Telemarketing is different from cold calling, in the sense that you are working from a script and will often have leads that are very targetted and perhaps even qualified before. You will be targetting companies and businesses and not individuals, and the product should be one that matches the market.

If you are put off telemarketing instantly, then this is not for you. If you have good people skills, an excellence telephone manner, the ability to not take rejection personally and are persistent and good at working from a script, then this could be the second job for you.

Obviously if you are working full time it really suits someone who does nights or late or very early shifts so that you can make the calls during normal working hours... or if you are temporarily out of work this could also the one for you.

Telemarketing as a second job has the ability to earn you considerable money. Particularly used by small and medium businesses who do not have the facilities in house they will often pay good money for decent telemarketing as the return on the investment makes the cost attractive, so be careful not to underquote.

Ensure that you record the information they require and for instance go the extra mile and push for extra nice to have details that would really help the client in the future with their marketing. You may also like to feed into their script and suggest how to best capture and manage the data.

Set up a website offering your services and you should find that with a little experience you can easily charge the equivalent of around £200 per day upwards.