Training at Work

Apart from the academic few, the majority of people are quite pleased when they leave the classroom and get into work and start earning money.

However, don't discount education. The fact is that keeping on learning through your life is great for you, your feeling of self worth, your mind, and also for your bank balance.

Research shows time and again that education pays, and the more qualified or educated a person, on average the more they will earn. So when you get your job do consider the courses you can go on, the qualifications you can gain and so on.

Particularly if you do a generic job, then a qualification then really help - there are millions of project managers (or close to it) in the world, so if you can get a formal qualification that is recognised and valued in the industry this can help with your employability.

Or if there are niche opportunities within the business then do consider these - by building up expertise in an obscure value that is necessary to the company you can make yourself really invaluable and negotiate a raise - imagine if all the experience you uniquely possess was suddenly lost by the business - if you educate yourself up to be an expert in your field, then you can have a much greater force in your negotiation over pay and benefits offered you.