Translation Services

Want a part time business that pays well and plays to your strengths? Then consider translation!

If you speak a foreign language well and are confident in your written ability and command of the language, then consider using your skills and offering a translation service.

Typically you will have a degree in the language from university but be working in a job that does not use your skills, or be an individual who has lived in another country for a set period of time and become fluent during that period.

If this is you, then there is money out there waiting to find you!

What you will need to do is set up a web site so that people know who you are and what you offer. Then you need to get busy marketing - for instance start joining business forums in your country and networking sites and tell them what you do and share information about your service.

Frequent sites where small businesses go such as the About My Business Business Forums in the UK and create a profile explaining your service, and check out for people asking for translation services in the forums on these sites.

Over time you can build up a nice little sideline business doing translation, because it is a much sought after and necessary skill and particularly with people doing more and more business across language and geographical divides, the requirement is sure to increase for many years to come!