UK Average Salary 2008

First, a little background to the figure you will see below.

This figure is calculated from the results of our 2008 salary survey which recorded people's job title and their salary.

Based on this certain data was rejected from the 13,000 results for the calculation of this average figure. The figure below is therefore calculated from 9,891 pieces of salary data, earning a combined £324,284,851 over the course of the year (£324 million pounds).

The average salary figure is therefore £32,785.85.

Why is this figure higher than the national average figure that is usually trotted out as a result of polls in the mid £20k region?

Well, the most likely explanation would seem to be that those who used the internet to search for sites where they could check their salary and came across the site and then filled in their data in some way had an element of self-selection in it biasing the data towards those who earn slightly more than the perceived national average (e.g. office based workers wondering how their salary compared to the market average).